This event will go live on Saturday, December 14, at 12:00 Midnight US Central Time,

and end Wednesday, January 1st, at 11:59 PM


Happy Life Day!

You will find a decorated Life Day Tree just outside the Theed starport.  Each character may use the radial menu on the tree to claim a life day gift.  (Limit 5 gifts per account - deleting and recreating characters won't earn you more gifts).  

Along with your gift, you'll get a Mysterious Life Day Orb.  "Use" this orb to get taken on a dream-adventure, full of quests and surprises.  You may wish to get buffs before using the orb...




And now, the gifts:


2019 Ornament


Life Day Tree


Home For The Holidays


Chest of Holding Schematic (chest itself also pictured for reference)


Life Day Celebration Painting


Wroshyr Tree Painting


Skill Enhancement Attachment Recycler

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