We have enriched the loot world with more types of weapon and armor components and enhancements.  Previously, players had only Acklay Bones, Rancor Teeth, Gorax Bone Shards, Krayt Tissues, Janta Hides, Nightsister Layers, and Nightsister Shards to choose from.  See below for the custom loot enhancements available on Tarkin's Revenge.



Phrik Shards are available from the Black Sun Outpost on Rori.


Cortosis Weave Sword Cores are available from the Black Sun Outpost on Rori.


Droid Armor Chunks are available from the Droid Engineer's Cave on Lok.


Kimogila Claws are available from the Kimo Cave on Lok.


Kimogila Tissues are available from the Kimo Cave on Lok.


Transthermal Padding is available from the Afarathu Cave on Corellia.


Both types of Smuggled Bantha Ivory are available from the Naboo Pirate Bunker.


Not pictured here, but also available are Dantari Blood, Mokk Blood, and Kunga Hide (similarly statted to Janta Blood and Janta Hide).

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