How to get started:


1) Register for a game account using a valid email address.*

You'll then get an email asking you to validate by clicking a link.  Complete this, and your account will be flagged as active.

*Yahoo! users:  For some reason, Yahoo! does not like our registration email.  If you only have a Yahoo! email, you'll need to send a support ticket, letting us know the account name you tried to register with.  We'll have to manually activate your account.


2) Create a folder where you would like to install.

Example: C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Tarkin


3) Download and unzip our Launcher.

Using a program like winZip or 7zip, unzip our launcher to the folder you just created, or anywhere else that you will remember.  You'll be prompted to point to an installation folder (use the folder you just created).  Then it will begin downloading the files required to play.  It's a large download, so be patient!

Sometimes Windows Defender flags our launcher as suspicious or malware.  It is not!  You can temporarily disable Windows Defender in order to complete the download, and add an exclusion so it won't delete the launcher on you.  Then you can re-enable Windows Defender.  Unfortunately, our exe is self-signed.  Which, thanks to modern hackers, is not "trusted" by Microsoft.  The only way to automatically pass Microsoft's trust checks is to purchase an Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing Certificate, which costs hundreds of dollars to renew each year, and is only available to registered businesses.  Without one, it's a long and slow process to get enough users worldwide to build up the required "reputation" that would eventually get us whitelisted by Microsoft.

Our launcher is open source, so if you wish to examine the code and/or compile it yourself, you may do so here.


To get the most out of the Tarkin's Revenge Community:


1) Join our Discord server.

It's connected to our in-game general chat, so you can stay in touch when you're unable to be in-game.  It's where you'll find live help, announcements, and connect with the rest of our players.


2) Register and participate on our Forum.

 This is where longer discussions and guides get posted.


3) Like & follow our Facebook page.

Help increase our reach, and share with your friends!


Our Story

A bit of background on the long history of the server, beginning from its foundations in pre-Basilisk days.

With screenshots and video of days gone by.


For the tech nerds out there, check out our hardware specs.


We are grateful for any contributions to help with our ongoing hosting costs or hardware.  Recurring Donation or One-Time Donation