We have implemented a host of the CU and NGE weapons as loot-drop schematics, requiring a loot-drop component.  You can get the schematic to make each new weapon, and its corresponding component, from one of our custom revamped dungeons.  Click the pictures below for more details about each weapon!

Resource stat requirements for all the new weapons use 66% OQ, 33% SR.

**Additionally, the Commando weapon Heavy Acid Rifle has been made equivalent to the flamethrower in terms of stats (given equally good resources used), and now provides a fire DoT when using its specials, just like the flamethrower does.



Pistol-AllianceDisruptor.jpg  Pistol-CMDeadBolt.jpg  Pistol-Crusader.jpg

Pistol-DD6.jpg  Pistol-Deathhammer.jpg  Pistol-DH18A.jpg

Pistol-Disruptor.jpg  Pistol-Flechette.jpg  Pistol-Intimidator.jpg

Pistol-IonRelic.jpg  Pistol-IonStunner.jpg  Pistol-JawaIon.jpg

Pistol-Kashyyyk.jpg  Pistol-KYD21.jpg  Pistol-Nova.jpg

Pistol-P8Lamprey.jpg  Pistol-Renegade.jpg  Pistol-Tchotchee.jpg

Pistol-Trandoshan.jpg  Pistol-URG8.jpg  Pistol-Westar34.jpg



Carbine-AllianceNeedler.jpg  Carbine-Bola.jpg  Carbine-Charric.jpg

Carbine-Crusader.jpg  Carbine-Czerka.jpg  Carbine-DC15.jpg

Carbine-E5.jpg  Carbine-HairTrigger.jpg  Carbine-Kalranoos.jpg

Carbine-Massassi.jpg  Carbine-Ngant.jpg  Carbine-Proton.jpg

Carbine-SFORRepublic.jpg  Carbine-Underslung.jpg  Carbine-Whistler.jpg




Rifle-A280.jpg  /Rifle-BWDL19.jpg  Rifle-CMReaper.jpg

Rifle-Crusader.jpg  Rifle-DC15.jpg  Rifle-DP23.jpg

Rifle-Disruptor.jpg  Rifle-EWeb.jpg  Rifle-Ewok.jpg

Rifle-Fallann.jpg  Rifle-Gauss.jpg  Rifle-Geo.jpg

Rifle-Jinkins.jpg  Rifle-LD1.jpg  Rifle-Massassi.jpg

Rifle-Naktra.jpg  Rifle-Proton.jpg  Rifle-TC22.jpg

Rifle-Trando.jpg  Rifle-Vortex.jpg  Rifle-WestarM5.jpg


Heavy Weapons

Heavy-CR1BlastCannon.jpg  Heavy-Crusader.jpg  Heavy-CryoProjector.jpg

Heavy-FragStorm.jpg  Heavy-LavaCannon.jpg  Heavy-PulseCannon.jpg

Heavy-ReaperCannon.jpg  Heavy-RepublicFlameThrower.jpg

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