The following creatures have been added as bio-engineer crafted pets.  The schematics are awarded as "epiphany" and "mutant" schematics, gained through using our custom Pet Incubation System

These special schematics have 3 uses.  Try to gain them all!

Armored_Bantha.jpg  Armored_Dewback.jpg  Armored_Tauntaun.jpg

Armored_Varactyl.jpg  Bane_Back_Spider.jpg  Barbed_Quenker.jpg

Barbed_Vesp.jpg  Bark_Mite.jpg  Baz_Nitch.jpg

Blackwing_Rancor.jpg  Blistmok.jpg  Boar_Wolfcale.jpg

Bolotaur.jpg  Borgax.jpg  Borgle.jpg

Capper_Spineflap.jpg  Chuba.jpg  Chubafly.jpg

Co-Henpa.jpg  Corellian_Butterfly.jpg  Cracktooth_Narglatch.jpg

Crowned_Rasp.jpg  Crystal_Snake.jpg  Dwarf_Nuna.jpg

Fanged_Tiglon.jpg  Fanned_Rawl.jpg  Feathered_Slice_Hound.jpg

Female_Narglatch.jpg  Finned_Blaggart.jpg  Flewt.jpg

Flit.jpg  Flite_Rasp.jpg  Forage_Worm.jpg

Fynock.jpg  Gackle_Bat.jpg  Gaping_Spider.jpg

Gualaar.jpg  Gubbur.jpg  Gulginaw.jpg

Gurk.jpg  Hanadak.jpg  Horned_Dewback.jpg

Horned_Krevol.jpg  Horned_Raptor.jpg  Horned_Rasp.jpg

Jundak.jpg  Kahmurra_Blanca.jpg  Kai_Tok.jpg

Kashyyyk_Bantha.jpg  Katarn.jpg  Kittle.jpg

Kkorrwrot.jpg  Kowakian_Monkey_Lizard.jpg  Kubaza_Beetle.jpg

Lantern_Bird.jpg  Lava_Flea.jpg  Malosaur.jpg

Mamien.jpg  Mantigrue.jpg  Minstyngar.jpg

Mooc.jpg  Mouf.jpg  Mutant_Acklay.jpg

Mynock.jpg  Nerf.jpg  Nexu.jpg

Nuna.jpg  Painted_Spat.jpg  Pangrack.jpg

Peko_Peko.jpg  Perlek.jpg  Pharple.jpg

Plumed_Rasp.jpg  Psychotic_Jax.jpg  Purbole.jpg

Quenker.jpg  Razor_Angler.jpg  Reek.jpg

Remmer.jpg  Reptilian_Flier.jpg  Ring-Nosed_Reek.jpg

Salt_Mynock.jpg  Scorpion_Kliknik.jpg  Shaupaut.jpg

Skreeg.jpg  Sligtooth_Bol.jpg  Spiderclan_Consort.jpg

Spiderclan_Queen.jpg  Spiketail_Blurrg.jpg  Spined_Puc.jpg

Spined_Rancor.jpg  Spined_Snake.jpg  Spiny_Gorgilla.jpg

Squill.jpg  Stintaril.jpg  Tanc_Mite.jpg

Tanray.jpg  Tulrus.jpg  Tusked_Bolle_Bol_Stag.jpg

Tusked_Bull_Thune.jpg  Uller.jpg  Urnsoris.jpg

Uwari_Beetle.jpg  Varactyl.jpg  Voritor_Lizard.jpg

Vorpal_Durni.jpg  Vynock.jpg  Walluga.jpg

Wampa.jpg  Webweaver.jpg  Whiskerback_Widow.jpg

Whisper_Bird.jpg  Wing-Clipped_Hawk_Bat.jpg  Winged_Quenker.jpg

Womp_Rat.jpg  Worrt.jpg  Xandank.jpg

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