How much time has been wasted in Star Wars Galaxies over the years by having to refresh-refresh-refresh to get missions in the same direction?  And how about being in the mood to run some Janta missions, but alas!  You're not high enough level on your own to get them.  So now you have to hope to find a group big enough to join, just so you can go solo the missions you want.  Don't even get me started on Rangers who need to hunt lower-level creatures, and the uncerted weapon-grouped-with-noobie-alt dance that had to ensue.

All that is now behind us.  On Tarkin's Revenge, you can use any destroy mission terminal or faction mission terminal to choose the direction and level of missions you want.

Just activate the radial...


And make your choice from the Sui menu that pops up!  It's that easy!


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