In an attempt to make scout and ranger camps more viable, we have added additional functionality to most of them.  They are useable by ANYONE, though only a scout or ranger with the appropriate skillboxes can craft them. Read: this is a lucrative sales opportunity for scouts and rangers.

All camps provide a bonus to buffing and wound healing. They also all provide a bonus like the "sample rich" city specialization.  You will extract 20% more resources inside a camp than you otherwise would.


Basic Camp Kit:

The lowest-level scout camp kit, it offers no additional benefits beyond the standard buff, healing, and sampling bonuses.


Multiperson Camp Kit:

Functions as a garage.  Pop one out, and you can repair your vehicle on any planet.


Improved Camp Kit:

Contains a bank and insurance terminal.  About to head into danger?  Insure your stuff before you go in!  Got a bag full of loot and don't want to part with it?  You can join the bank and put some of your stuff in the safety deposit box, then pick it up in town on your way back home.


High Quality Camp Kit:

The Bounty Hunter's Special.  This camp contains a bounty hunter mission terminal as well as a Level 3 Spynet informant, so you can get to work tracking those bounties at a moment's notice.  This camp also features a boost to mission payout, the same as the "Improved Job Market" city type provides.


Field Base Camp Kit:

This camp features a regular mission terminal, an explorer mission terminal, and rebel and imperial mission terminals.  This camp also features a boost to mission payout, the same as the "Improved Job Market" city type provides.


High Tech Field Base Camp Kit:

The height of luxury.  With this camp, you can craft at any public crafting station, use the medical services terminal to clear your wounds or give you a buff, or use the Star Tours Adventure Service to travel far and wide, for a fee.


One thing to note: camps DO become "abandoned" and despawn a few minutes after all inhabitants leave them.

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