Did you know you can now write messages upon tons of different items?  Any artisan can look in their generic or furniture crafting tool and find a host of new craftable items that players can use to write public or encrypted messages.

Watch this teaser video to see how it's done:



First, craft or buy a writeable item.  Then use the radial menu to "Write Text" and type your message.  If it's multiple lines long, you'll need to write it in the in-game notepad (/note), copy, and paste it into the message box.  You can use colored text if you wish.  If a writeable item is placed in a house, and has not been written on, anybody can write to it, whether they have admin or not.  (Good for public message boards!)  But once an item has been written to, only the original writer or a GM can erase it.

After you write a "public" message on an item, you have the option to add an encrypted message, for all your Rebel propagand-... private notes.  If you share your code word with other players, they can use a decryptor (another craftable item) to read the encrypted text.  

This system works for signs, books, or any other thing you can think of where you want to get a message out to other players, and it's too long or complicated to put on the name of a crafted object.

Along with the system itself, we've added a slew of new craftable items.  Check out some pictures, below!

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