[Increased] Bounty mission reward during the 3-day debuff period following a bounty kill for prizefighters with infamy > 1200 from 25k to 50k
[Fixed] Nyms painting drop, added some debugging code to fight arena screenplay

[Fixed] issue with gallop command
[Added] Handling for DoT damage to arena NPCs in the two no-kill arenas

[Hotfix] Reset spectator fight club faction to 0 upon entrance
[Added] Mobile cleanup to setupArena function

[Fixed] Arena cooldown timer not triggering upon death ejection
[Hotfix] Changed timer on first arena back to 30 minutes

[Added] Meatlump Dungeon

[Added] Billboard advertisement

[Added] Attributes to fish caught for caught by, timestamp, and planet
[Modified] Damage on Scythe Blade and added a slot for Rancor Tooth to bring it into line with the CU/NGE weapons
[Modified] BH armor piece names to call out left vs right
[Added] Color to the name of Isomerase and Lyase Enzymes
[Added] Icon to buff window for Mandalorian Wine, and corrected string entry for Breath of Heaven buff icon
[Increased] Fishing action times by 1 second
[Added] Beam rifle certification at novice commando
[Changed] Names of painting loot items to avoid confusion with loot groups
[Simplified] code disallowing arena fighters to receive heals from other players
[Modified] Medicine bags to now recognize ranged stimpacks
[Modified] Unstick command so it can't be used from inside dungeons
[Fixed] a conversation option in one of the life day quests
[Added] Lock in director manager writeScreenPlayData function, added a null check in CentrifugeUnitMenuComponent
[Fixed] Incorrect medical ratings on YT1300 house
[Modified] Garyn Raiders Bunker to use POI version of muggers
[Modified] Afarathu cave cult leader to be POI version
[Increased] Gurk King Hide stack sizes to match the other RIS components
[Increased] Cone angle on WildShot2 to 60
[Added] Fight Arena & Infamy System
[Added] Stolen weapon reverse engineering
[Increased] Drop rate of Janta bloods in the stronghold
[Modified] Armor decay to increase at a rate of diminishing returns as damage increases (i.e. very high damage attacks will still decay armor more than low damage attacks, but the increase is now much more moderate)
[Modified] some functions in New Years event

[Added] Added More Level 75 Creatures [Contribution by Tatwi]

[Added] Sarlacc Trash Cans and Dianoga Dumpter Update: Living trash cans now eat stuff and grant rewards [Contribution by Tatwi]
[Added] Loot group for recycler parts [Contribution by Tatwi]
[Added] Lua call for structure Permission List checking [Contribution by Tatwi]

[Added] QoL improvements for using SEAs: Reject new SEA if the item already has that mod and the new SEA's value would not be an improvement, upgrade exiting value if it is the same, at the cost of a socket (normal SWG) [Contribution by Tatwi]

[Fixed] Traveling merchant announcement of credits paid
[Fixed] Math error causing traveling merchant to overcharge players with an excess of cash. (How rude)

[Fixed] Typo in pet manager preventing Shyyyo Bird and Reptilian Flier from galloping
[Fixed] Issue with Shyyyo bird bitmask
[Fixed] Structure terminal placement in Medium Generic House, Style 2

[Fixed] Barrels now usable as a container in drinks for 4x quantity bonus

[Modified] Intimidate commands to now check against defense vs intimidate

[Fixed] A string entry
[Added] Two new billboards, fixed a crc entry

[Added] Rug schematics
[Added] Traveling Rug Merchant

[Added] Type max for two enzyme types
[Added] New rugs as craftable schematics

[Removed] LoD from mutated griffon appearance in attempt to correct crashes that some people experience at a distance
[Fixed] Skirts will now accept clothing attachments
[Modified] Donkuwahs now drop krayt segments instead of non-functional segments
[Fixed] Wasteland cu pa lair string entry
[Fixed] Some issues with houseplop dropping houses below ground level and being unable to destroy them
[Added] Scoreboard for GCW event

[Fixed] a couple more merge issues with Life Day screenplay
[Changed] location of tarkin_lib.lua
[Resolved] Merge conflicts

[Added] More GCW event stuff

[Added] Some GCW event rewards

[Moved] tarkin_lib to custom scripts
[Added] Life Day event to go live 12/14/19 at midnight server time
[Added] Final Life Day stuff

[Added] Two new billboard ads
[Fixed] Issue with vendor maintenance skimming

[Added] More Life Day event stuff

[Added] first commit of Lifeday event

[Fixed] Case where players were able to move forbidden objects

[Modified] Damage on Executioner's Hack and added a slot for Rancor Tooth to bring it into line with the CU/NGE weapons
[Increased] Loot chance for NS Vibro Motors from Nightsisters
[Removed] Non-functional experimentation line from RIS segments
[Added] New billboard ad
[Added] Thanksgiving Event to go live Nov 28, 2019 at noon server time

[Modified] Encumbrance for hitLocations with multiple equipped armor parts (arms and legs) will now use an average of the encumbrances of the relevant armor parts, rather than the sum of all the encumbrances. Players will be able to wear full suits of armor (or however many additional pieces they wish) at the encumbrance cost of four pieces, instead of nine. Mini suits will not be affected, they will work exactly as they do now.

[Modified] FS quest Phase 3 turrets and Sith Shadow Thugs to be more in line with Tarkin damage expectations.

[Added] Decommissioned (roleplay) military armors to the junk shop owners. These armors offer no protection, have no encumberance or faction requirements, and have no sockets. They are solely for appearances.

[Added] Species costumes, usable by humans, to transform into an alien species for roleplay.

[Added] Galactic Moon Festival Event.

[Added] NGE signs to houses.

[Increased] max character length for building signs to 256 characters.
[Fixed] Issue with pet dyes not persisting on wild-tamed pets.

[Fixed] Stability issue.

[Added] Recruiter to Emperor's Retreat.
[Added] Custom tips loading screens.

[Added] Custom splash screens when logging in.

[Modified] Temple of Exar K'un permissions
[Added] Type attribute to pet control devices. This will list the specific creature type, even if the pet has been custom named.
[Modified] Future tamed pets will drop the word (baby) from pet name once they reach adult level. This will not affect pets that have already reached their adult level before this update.

[Added] Pet Grooming Kit, craftable by Bio-Engineers, which may be used by players to re-color their pets. Works on wild-tamed and crafted pets.

[Increased] Number of vendors at Master Merchant to 20, and number of items for sale to 8000. You must drop Master Merchant and re-train at the skill trainer to receive this increase.
[Removed] Vulnerabilities from Chitin Armor Leggings that were previously missed.
[Fixed] Hues on Giant Peko Peko.

[Modified] Several creatures to be tamable: Bageraset Bruiser (mountable), Canoid Pack Leader, Dalyrake Matriarch, Dwarf Gronda (mountable), Elder Gronda (mountable), Gronda Juggernaut (mountable), Gronda Patriarch (mountable), Gulginaw (mountable), Majestic Plumed Rasp, Sharnaff, Sharnaff Bull, Swamp Humbaba (mountable), Alpha Veermok, Bolle Bol, Elder Gualama (mountable), Giant Cave Veermok, Giant Peko Peko (mountable), Gualama Patriarch (mountable), Ikopi Stag, Maverick Gualama (mountable), Mountain Ikopi, Narglatch Guardian, Narglatch Hunter, Narglatch Matriarch, Plains Hunter, Rogue Falumpaset (mountable), Rogue Fambaa, Veermok Guard, Veermok Pygmy, Female Mountain Squill, Mountain Squill Guardian, Mountain Squill Hunter, Rogue Bantha (mountable), Bantha Matriarch (mountable), Cannibal Dewback (mountable), Grizzled Dewback (mountable), Swarming Lesser Dewback
[Modified] Now mountable: Greater Gulginaw, Devil Gulginaw, Dappled Gualama, Humbaba
[Fixed] Some camera angles, animations, strings, and shaders

[Reduced] Texture sizes on billboard textures
[Fixed] An issue with Horned Dewback not being speedy enough
[Added] Three more wanted posters - Ithorian female, Sullustan female, and Sullustan male
[Modified] Billboard shader & should now correctly decrement when removed from a city

[Added] Lock on waypoint object in vendor offer mail code, as per MrObvious's suggestion
[Updated] Credits in ReadMe
[Added] New billboard ads
[Fixed] Some lua templates
[Fixed] An issue with Ion Relic Pistol not displaying properly on vendors
[Added] Wanted Posters as craftable, writeable items

[Modified] New player email & character creation welcome message to reflect the new website and the 5 characters allowed

[Fixed] Issue with billboard removal

[Fixed] Coronet starport has been paved! Mos Entha starport has been smoothed! Thanks to TheTinyPebble!
[Added] Billboard city decorations that mayors can install with /installBillboard
[Fixed] Horned Dewback description string entry
[Fixed] a lair string entry
[Ended] Double XP and mutant rasp event

[Added] Optional Synthetic Cloth & Reinforced Fiber Panel slots to all Wookiee clothing that did not have at least one of each. Thank you to scscofield!

[Added] Double XP for event weekend
[Modified] special attacks on boss rasp
[Removed] GCW Mobiles from Coronet and Theed city screenplays pending new system
[Fixed] a couple lair string entries
[Added] Mutant Rasp Event screenplay

[Added] Writable items

[Added] Phoenix's LuaAttributeListComponent scripts

[Revamped] Ormachek for a duration-based XP increase

[Added] Phoenix's LuaAttributeListComponent scripts

[Revamped] Ormachek for a duration-based XP increase
[Added] The rest of the NGE houses into the regular loot tables
[Fixed] Zucca Boar pcd
[Fixed] One type of Smuggled Bantha Ivory to use the correct template
[Fixed] a lair string reference
[Added] 44 new mounts, modified saddle point and tack on some existing mounts

[Increased] PSG durability considerably

[Added] Junk Shop Owner to sell palette posters

[Added] Palette Posters
[Added] Mission level & direction choice to faction mission terminals

[Increased] Character count to 5 -happy wedding gift to all our players!

[Added] Wedding scavenger hunt event
[Added] Man-shaped husk event mobiles
[Modified] Incubation system slightly to allow for pet deeds that exist outside the usual file structure

[Fixed] Medical rating for commando bunker

[Fixed] Stability issue with camp despawn

[Added] Paintings to picture printer & viewscreen printer

[Added] Veteran Rewards

[Modified] DNA Template crafting formula to produce better results on speed, to-hit, and damage

[Added] Chance to forage a Creature Egg by searching lairs

[Added] Incubator functionality

[Added] Creature Egg draft schematic, also modified some max values on enzymes

[Added] Functionality to Enzyme Re-Processor

[Added] Functionality to Enzyme Refining Tray
[Added] Functionality to Centrifuge
[Added] Initial radial options to Incubator, Centrifuge, Refining Tray, and Re-Processor
[Added] Draft schematics for Incubator, Enzyme Extractor, Enzyme Centrifuge, Enzyme Refining Tray, and Enzyme Re-Processor

[Added] Incubator, enzymes, enzyme extractor
[Fixed] a couple vehicle deed names
[Added] Multiple vehicles are now colorable
[Changed] DNA Extractor item type to Generic Item instead of Trap
[Modified] descriptions on enzyme centrifuge, enzyme refining tray, and enzyme re-processor

[Fixed] Mission direction choice no longer uses player's facing direction
[Fixed] String entry for item junk dealer value (will show when Jawa faction is high enough)

[Added] Missing painting to loot tables
[Removed] Some loot items from Kahmurra facility to be used in a later update
[Added] Draft schematic for medbag at novice medic

[Fixed] Capped sample DNA command at creature level 75
[Added] Added Medical Service Terminals to cloning facilities
[Fixed] Fixed generic quests giving slicable briefcase
[Added] Treasure Map loot adjustments
[Added] Direction choice for destroy mission terminals as a radial option on the terminal

[Added] Medical Bag to organize pharma. Works with heal damage/enhance/pet/wound and cure packs.
[Added] Added cooldown timers for Heal enhance/state/wound (one in buff window, the other on the first food/chem crafting tool found in inventory or med bag)

[Added] Creatures for eventual BE pets
[Added] DNA Extractor craftable item.  Bio-Engineers can use to extract 1 DNA sample from a corpse.
[Modified] Mission names based on lair name from string file to improve readability

[Added] Having 4000+ standing with Jawa allows the player to see the junk value of items
[Added] Two Junk Dealers have returned to Mos Entha
[Added] Many items now have a junk value (not retroactive)

[Added] Generic Quest Giver Improvements. Rewards 1 item, some credits, and some faction standing.

[Fixed] Giant sand beetle pets to have control device
[Modified] Values on quest stormtrooper armor
[Modified] Generational DNA samples to take the name of the deed they were sampled from.
[Modified] DNA sampling a creature can now be done at 25 meters
[Modified] DNA sampling now takes 4 seconds instead of 9
[Fixed] Loot group name

Publish 10
[Increased] Trap uses and resource requirements x10
[Increased] Uses for weapon powerups to 1000
[Increased] Resource requirements to craft powerups by 10x
[Removed] The freeze on second stat when getting a third stat
[Changed] And normalized primary/secondary stats of melee and ranged powerups for more predictability in crafting
[Changed] weighted first secondary stat on melee and ranged powerups towards most desirable options
[Added] World Boss random spawn screenplay system

[Removed] Regular kimogila scales from loot tables
[Fixed] Droid deeds losing their modules - mantis 7994
[Added] More creature lairs/more lairs to mission terminals

[Added] Varactyl, Gualaar, Spiderclan Queen, Walluga, and many new mission types

[Added] Creature types to existing lairs

[Fixed] Two painting string references
[Modified] Creature hide/bone/meat/milk drops to have all resource types on all planets and be consistent with animal size

[Updated] Admin logging

[Enabled] Medicine Use SEAs for Medic/Doctor and Combat Medic
[Added] Bio-Engineer SEAs for experimentation, assembly, and dna sampling
[Enabled] SEAs for stored pets for Creature Handler

[Ended] Easter event and double XP
[Modified] Several NPC building string files

[Fixed] Bunnies not spawning on Friday during the holiday period

[Added] House purchasing system for Tarkin's Revenge
[Added] Easter 2019 Escaped Ash Rabbits event, enabled double XP

[Fixed] Armor value on POI Aa'kuan Defender

[Added] Vendors now skim 5% of sale values (above 10cr) into their maintenance pools (to max of 100,000cr skim)
[Added] Bone Armor Segment as basic Composite Segment

[Fixed] Xharnoh plant

[Changed] BroadcastGalaxy name from SKYNET to IMPERIAL BROADCAST AUTHORITY
[Fixed] Decorative houseplant string entries
[Modified] Camp despawn times - If, at the time the camp goes abandoned (which happens one minute after it is empty), the camp owner is in a different zone from the camp (has teleported off world), schedule the despawn task in five seconds. Otherwise, despawn the camp 2 minutes after it becomes abandoned. Camp uptime if occupied has been increased to 3 hours.
[Disabled] Field faction status change - you must visit a recruiter to go Special Forces
[Adjusted] loot drop rates on several mobiles, separated cave Aa'kuans and Nyax cultists from mission versions
[Fixed] Holocron Splinters loot group causing issue with Rebel themepark
[Removed] Non-functional experimentation line from composite & advanced composite segments

[Fixed] Hues on several felines
[Updated] Lumberjack admin tool

[Reverted] Change to structure name in status window 

[Updated] README.md
[Added] Item search filter for bazaar & vendors
[Modified] Minimum harvest values/formula. No one will harvest less than 15, and this scales up with skill level.
[Replaced] Kliknik segment with composite segment in loot drops in Geo cave
[Fixed] Fishing max inventory capacity
[Fixed] Narglatch hues
[Fixed] Hanging Planter schematic so it will now learn properly
[Fixed] Prevent server crash when adding looted schematics where target iff cannot be found

[Added] Email to warn player when their vendor maintenance is low

[Modified] Bespin Port and Pyollian Cake to have no filling
[Fixed] Canoid hues
[Fixed] A couple of wonky Janta positions
[Modified] Faction gear is unequipped when going on leave (and dying)
[Fixed] Dire cat hues
[Fixed] Harvesting quantities - grouped with (and in proximity to) a ranger or master ranger will provide a harvesting bonus to non-rangers. This will be the only influence group status has upon harvesting. Also fixed skinny/scrawny message at the .stf level

[Removed] colors from structure names in the Structure Status window to make it easier to read

[Fixed] # of days of uptime displaying incorrectly in /tarkin status
[Modified] Ore Mining Unit to craft in crates inside a factory
[Fixed] Foraged stimpack now also heals mind

[Modified] City treasury deposits to take from cash and bank
[Modified] Medical Services Terminals to take funds from cash, then the remainder from bank, if player has enough total to cover the cost
[Added] Message showing quantity milked and zone
[Fixed] Crafting tool now releases prototype when inventory is at 99 items
[Updated] World snapshots

[Modified] Structure schematics so they will make crates when crafted in a factory
[Modified] Stat values so Twi'lek stat migration functions properly
[Added] Experimentation line for BER to Fusion Generators
[Fixed] a typo in the Skill Trainer menu, Modified command table so all can use /tarkin command
[Fixed] Gurrcat hues, so they will no longer spawn in weird colors

3/29/19 - LAUNCH DAY!
[Added] Explanatory message to Account Manager, removed Red from list of restricted names
[Added] Cesta's Galaxy Harvester resource parser functionality

[Updated] Readme & fixed a loot group reference

[Updated] starting locations for Mos Entha and Coronet
[Added] Email to vendor owner when an item is offed to their vendor.

[Added] Decals as factional loot drop items & from picture and viewscreen printers

[Modified] Saber block to be ineffective when knocked down, and effectiveness reduced by half when intimidated

[Added] Additional admin logs
[Modified] Readme.md
[Added] Many more loot items

[Added] More Logging Tools for Staff and Developers
[Added] More loot items to Meatlumps, Nightsisters, and Imperial and Rebel Sentries

[Added] Hunting Trophies
[Added] Dejarik game board loot kit items

[Added] Nine new planet-specific fish, chance to catch over 800 rare/misc (non-fish) items, lowered chance of getting a non-fish, decreased amount of time waiting for fishing actions, and added fish tank loot kit, fish tank loot kit parts, and fish tank reward
[Increased] Player inventory to 100 items, increased inventory of loot schematic backpacks to 80, and added Elite versions of regular backpacks as loot schematics

[Updated] README.md
[Revamped] Erran Sif Bunker

[Revamped] Lost Aqualish War Party Cave
[Modified] Loot drop values on most custom mobiles
[Revamped] Sennex Cave
[Revamped] Nym's Pirate Cave (Sulfer Lake Pirates)

[Revamped] Kahmurra Biogenetic Research Facility

[Revamped] Garyn Raiders Bunker
[Modified] Cleaned up inside Mos Entha & Coronet Starports

[Modified] Death announcer to add a check for Admin kills
[Changed] Server reference in general chat channel
[Modified] Level 3 Black Sun Outpost mobiles based on results of beta testing
[Revamped] Afarathu Cult Cave, Spiderclan Cave, First Draft of Black Sun Outpost

[Revamped] Drall Patriot Cave

[Revamped] Rogue Corsec Base

[Modified] Creature hues to give more variety in the wildlife appearance, had to remove some Bantha hues due to White palette interference
[Revamped] Jinda Ritualist Cave

[Revamped] Korga Cave

[Added] Wookiee & misc loot to Panshee, Gondula, Donkuwah, and Pubam
[Revamped] Mokk Stronghold
[Revamped] Kunga Stronghold

[Revamped] Dantari Village POIs
[Added] Custom-named rank badge trophy when one player kills another in GCW combat
[Fixed] a few errors with loot groups
[Added] Craftable schematics for all CU & NGE factional armors to recruiters

[Increased] Loot chance on POI Jawa traders
[Decreased] CA/A/AA loot chance on Nyax mobiles
[Added] Additional loot to droid cave: statted droid armor chunk (used as armor layer with % effectiveness), powered-down droids, droid statuettes
[Added] Modified version of Borrie's Wall Pack plus 22 additional walls, 67 doors, and 64 floors. All craftable at various skill levels of Architect.

[Modified] World snapshots, screenplays, and datatables to allow for player cities in Mos Entha, Coronet, and Theed

[Fixed] Janta Hides displaying incorrectly

[Modified] Client region sizes on Tatooine, Corellia, and Naboo to allow for player-owned NPC cities
[Modified] Janta Hide appearance to look like a hide
[Modified] Appearance of Gorax bone shards to look like bone
[Modified] Locked briefcases so they are now sliceable. Also added client assets for Kimo revamp.
[Revemped] Kimogila Cave

[Revamped] Naboo Pirate Bunker

[Added] New weapons to loot groups/recruiters. Also added deco schems loot group to more low level npcs.

[Added] Craftable schematics for all CU and NGE weapons

[Eliminated] Group XP modifier and set solo XP modifier to 2.0, removing the need for solo groups
[Disabled] PvE combatant status on recruiters - only on leave & special forces are to be used. When joining a faction, you start as on leave. Decreased time to go on leave from five minutes to one minute.
[Modified] Geonosian cubes so that weapon stats (min/max damage) go on white cubes, only armor effectiveness goes on yellow cubes, and increased use count from 1-10 to 5-13 on all cubes.
[Added] Acklay Elder (in place of regular Acklay) and three Acklay Younglings to Geo Lab, added outdoor version of Acklay as a boss to a type of dynamic Kliknik (dark) lair spawn, increased drop rates on outdoor Acklays, also added three outdoor static spawns of Acklays on a 3000m radius with a 3 hour respawn timer
[Added] Three total Gorax spawns to the Endor static spawns, each on a 1500m radius, with a 3 hour respawn timer
[Increased] Weighting of Gorax lairs in the world spawner, increased resists on Gorax and increased loot chances
[Increased] Weighting for peko peko albatross lairs in the Naboo world spawner
[Added] Three total GDK spawns in an 800m radius around Kimo Town, one at respawn timer of 30 minutes, one at 35 minutes, and one at 40 minutes and increased loot chance of a GDK scale to one in six
[Modified] Coronet newb spawn area into NOSPAWN area and removed medium spawn area from Coronet
[Removed] Nyax spawns from the Corellia world spawner
[Added] LS resists to Force wielding BH NPC targets

[Added] Custom-named broken lightsaber hilt trophy when a BH defeats a player Jedi mission target
[Added] Skill trainer to Theed and Coronet

[Added] General chat channel
[Increased] Weighting of Black Sun dynamic spawns on Dathomir, Endor, and Yavin
[Modified] Klin Nif resists as per Tarkin 1
[Modified] Cone angle on ActionShot2
[Modified] Appearance of Woolamander Harvester Bone Fragments, Gurk King Hide, and GDK Scale
[Modified] Peko Peko Albatross feather to be a feather
[Fixed] Appearance of Noise Maker trap (buggy LoD)
[Modified] Foraged foods to have between 1-10 uses
[Modified] Appearance of Rancor tooth
[Added] CU and NGE weapons, added fire DoT to Heavy Acid Rifle

[Added] Debug messages to /movefurniture command to try to isolate the cause of the /move bug that sometimes appears
[Revamped] The Temple of Exar K'un

[Added] Client assets pertaining to Hutt Hideout revamp
[Revamped] Hutt Hideout on Tatooine

[Added] NGE vehicles to loot groups and mobiles, faction BARCs to recruiters
[Added] Craftable NGE vehicles as loot-drop schematics. Also changed the appearance of vehicle deeds to the appearance of the vehicle itself.

[Increased] Player bounty mission payouts
[Modified] Visibility so that other Jedi do not trigger visibility
[Decreased] Visibility threshhold for Jedi to go on BH terminals
[Added] Additional functionality to admin version of /tarkin status
[Added] Custom Tarkin new player email
[Added] /tarkin status command to show players server uptime and connections online

[Increased] Number of missions displayed from a mission terminal, so players don't need to refresh as many times, and increased the number of missions a player may take at one time to 3. Also changed mission naming so that it's possible to sort by creature name, rather than mission level
[Added] Radial option on mission terminals that lets you select mission levels, regardless of your own skill/group level
[Modified] Socket chance to be more heavily dependent on character's skill, rather than random chance
[Modified] Starting locations to include Mos Entha, Coronet, and Theed, and tweaked map and travel ui settings
[Increased] Stat caps slightly on Twilek stamina, focus, and willpower to be more in line with other races
[Modified] DNA samples to be named after the creature the sample was taken from

[Increased] Sample size bonus in Sample Rich and Improved Job Market cities
[Added] More camp functionality and bonuses
[Increased] Shellfish, Mollusk, Fishing, Egg, and Milk harvesting/foraging quantities
[Modified] Character creation message to have information for new players
[Removed] the change that only allowed harvesting 1 unit from a creature inside a building (cave)

[Modified] Structure maintenance, vendor and bazaar purchases, and garage fees may now be paid with cash and/or bank (for maintenance: cash will be used first, then bank for any remaining amount, for all else: bank will be used first, then cash)
[Modified] Garrmorl and T'illa T'iil draft schematics to no longer call for resource properties that the ingredients don't have. Changed calls for PE and FL in Garrmorl to DR, and changed call for FL in Tilla Tiil to DR. This will allow for better crafts, as the recipe will no longer be counting a zero for those stats.
[Removed] Combat slowdown on mounts. You can not attack while galloping, but you can attack while moving at regular speed on a creature mount.

[Reinstated] Increased range for survey tools with the use of Survey SEAs, up to 1024m with +25
[Added] Star Tours Adventure Service

[Added] Custom color palettes for wearables, crafted pets, and vehicles
[Removed] Three paintings from loot tables because they wouldn't push to remote repo. To be investigated later
[Revamped] Aa'kuan Champion's Cave

[Added] Broadcast message for PvP deaths and new server joins
[Fixed] /setGodMode command to work with Tarkin's custom admin levels

[Added] Custom Tarkin admin levels
[Modified] Player Manager to allow for 3 instances online at a time
[Modified] Player settings to allow 4 characters per account and 20 lots per character
[Increased] Max group size to 50
[Modified] Mission rewards so they are not split with players out of range
[Modified] Vehicle and pet call time to 5 seconds, decreased pet growth stages from 12 hours to 1 hour, decreased faction pet storage time to 5 seconds
[Increased] DNA sampling XP by 5X
[Modified] Creature Handler XP formula to not give such low (1) XP vs low level creatures
[Increased] Max harvesting distance to 14m
[Modified] Peko Peko Albatross feather loot chance to 75%
[Modified] Broken SEAs/skill mods no longer drop

[Added] Resource Dump command
[Added] Tarkin command and HousePlop system
[Fixed] Error message that sometimes happened when searching lairs
[Modified] Resource container names to show specific resource name

[Revamped] Faction NPCs, POIs, and set up Zephyr travel system for factional PCs
[Changed] Normalized DE schematic resources
[Revamped] Black Sun/DWB

[Modified] Carbineer accuracy improvements
[Modified] Heavy weapons speed/range/accuracy improvements
[Revamped] Tusken NPCs, Tusken Bunker, Fort Tusken
[Revamped] Droid Engineer Cave
[Revamped] Jawa Trader POI
[Revamped] Lord Nyax Cult Bunker

[Modified] Vehicle and mount speeds, with AV-21 and jetpack being fastest, all other vehicles and mounts equalized to offer greater choice. Mounts have differing gallop speed/durations.
[Changed] citizen count needed per rank, decreased maintenance and specialization cost, doubled player decoration per rank
[Removed] Menu component from holocrons so they don't do anything
[Added] Windowed houses to locked container loot table and increased locked container drop rate

[Added] Lots of craftable deco items
[Added & Modified] Loot items & groups for new craftables
[Modified] Increased stat effects on foraged foods

[Added] Lots of paintings to picture printer & viewscreen printer, set up custom painting loot group

[Added] Janta Revamp
[Added] Skill trainer NPC & Janta fix
[Added] Medical Services Terminal
[Added] Doctor/Entertainer bracelets to allow for buffing anywhere at 100%, extended duration of Doc & Ent buffs to ~4-6 hours, decreased watch/listen time to 30 seconds minimum, or 1 minute for max duration
[Modified] Tusken Rifle to do kinetic damage rather than energy
[Modified] Stimpacks to heal mind damage
[Removed] Blue frogs, added another medical services terminal near Mos Entha starport, renamed Skills Trainer
[Modified] Mos Entha screenplay and mobiles
[Added] Terminals to camps and made them useable by all. HTFB now has Medical Services Terminal and all public crafting stations

[Added] Craftable NGE houses (schematics drop as loot in various dungeons)

[Enabled] Self stat migration anywhere
[Added] Craftable BARC speeder at Master Artisan

[Added] Nightsister Revamp
[Added] Singing Mountain Clan Revamp
[Modified] Player structures to have 1x1 footprint, removed merchant requirement from shop signs, merchant tents, removed profession requirements from cantina, hospital, theater
[Modified] Structural Modules & Walls to have decreased resource requirements, added alternate merchant tent styles
[Modified] Personal & medium harvesters to have greatly increased BER & hopper size, increased maintenance and power on mediums

[Fixed] Armor experimentation lines across all armor and some other armor tweaks
[Modified] loot chance on GDK
[Changed] shuttle/starport times
[Modified] Increased starting cash and bank to 17500
[Modified] Player Manager values & set veteran rewards
[Modified] Janta blood power to be in line with original Tarkin settings (power decreased to 50-180)
[Re-enabled] medical SEAs
[Added] Krayt revamp (easier to kill with our reduced buffs, better loot chance)
[Added] Custom Goggles loot items/group

[Added] Craftable faction armor schematics to recruiters
[Modified] Recyclers to allow for more recycled resource categories, and changed some inventory icons for recycled resources

[Added] Colorization to marauder & ris armors
[Modified] Armorsmith loot drops - stats and quantities (GDK scales stack 5-10, Krayt composite segments stack 7-25 and decreased effectiveness max to 16, Peko Peko Albatross feathers stack 5-13, Woolamander Harrower bone fragments stack 5-13, Janta hides stack 5-13 and decreased effectiveness max to 6, Nightsister layers stack 5-13, decreased encumbrance to -3 to -6, Nightsister shards use count 1-13)

[Modified] Armor crafting system to use composite segments and enabled recolorization
[Removed] Unused schematics (unused armor segments, heavy harvesters, guild halls)
[Added] Craftable BH & Mandalorian armors, craftable jetpack
[Added] BH armor schematics to BH mark loot drops, revamped loot drops

[Modified] Bazaar & vendor listing times to 1 year, max price for bazaar to same as vendors, increased bazaar listing fee, increased bazaar max listing to 100 items
[Modified] SEAs to have only have 1 stat, and their display name will show the stat name and power.
[Modified] Invite command to work globally
[Modified] Unstick command to function
[Modified] Crafted items may now have colored text in the names
[Modified] Minimum creature harvesting amount to be 15
[Added] Code to allow for recoloring multiple armor palettes

[Modified] Manufacturing schematic limit and crate size to to 10,000 (You 'must' set the slider to 1,000 in the create schematic screen or this will not work.)

[Added] Yaw, Pitch, Roll to /rotateFurniture command
[Added] Hunting Mission Upgrade
[Added] Wilderness Survival XP for milking, searching lairs, foraging, medical foraging, and harvesting shellfish.
[Modified] Crafting tool timer and factory run timer to 1 second per item
[Modified] Structure status window now shows the current / max number of items a building can hold.
[Modified] Destroy mission title now includes the creature name and level.
[Modified] Quantity of resource deeds to 5,000
[Modified] Resource stack size to 10,000,000
[Modified] Increased items per lot to 500 and max item count to 1000 for civic structures
[Modified] Disabled checks to allow for player structures in NPC cities

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