Back when SWG was released, the point of the game (from a developer's standpoint) was to create time sinks that would keep the players waiting and grinding and limited - so that they would keep shelling out those subscription dollars and even pay for multiple accounts.  Since we are under no such directives, we've found it prudent to eliminate a lot of the needless time- and space-wasting inconveniences in favor of many quality of life enhancements.

Some of the things you'll find on Tarkin's Revenge:



  • 500 items per lot of storage, and 20 lots per character
  • Structure status window shows the current/max number of items a building has in it
  • Yaw/Pitch/Roll are enabled
  • You can recolor all your own armor
  • Base inventory has been increased from 80 to 100 items
  • Elite backpacks hold 80 items (up from 50)
  • The /invite command works from anywhere, not just within line of sight
  • Groups can hold up to 50 players
  • Reduced starport and shuttle times
  • You can migrate your own stats, anywhere, anytime
  • Discord/General chat integration: chat with the server from your discord app, or from in-game
  • Removed profession requirements from owning merchant tents, cantinas, hospitals, and theaters
  • Camps are usable by all players
  • Normalized vehicle and creature mount speeds
  • Broken SEAs/skill mods have been removed from the loot tables
  • You can have 3 instances online at once
  • Most things can now pull from your combined cash and bank funds - no more emergency trips to the bank
  • Increased stat caps on Twi'lek stamina, focus and willpower to be more in line with other races
  • Vehicle, pet, and faction pet call times are now 5 seconds
  • Increased the number of vehicles and pets players can store in their datapads



  • 2x XP rate
  • Destroy mission titles are more intuitive, listing the name of the lair
  • You can choose the mission level and direction you want from mission terminals, so you are no longer tied to solo groups
  • You can take up to 3 missions at a time
  • Stimpacks heal mind damage
  • Added medical services terminals, from which you can get buffs, and heal
  • Mission rewards are not split with out of range group members
  • Increased number of uses on powerups to 1,000
  • Greatly increased durability on PSGs
  • Added more dynamic world spawns of the GDK, Gorax, Peko Peko Albatross, and Acklays



  • Crafting professions are no-grind
  • 1 second craft time on crafting tools
  • 1 second production time in factories
  • Resources stack to 10,000,000
  • Manufacturing schematic limit and crate size are set to 10,000
  • Galaxy Harvester integration: resources are automatically uploaded to Galaxy Harvester at least once per day
  • Recyclers now have more recycled resource categories (fiberplast, inert polymer, crystalline gemstone, amorphous gemstone, inert gas, reactive gas, low grade ore & carbonate ore)
  • Decreased resource requirements for structural modules and walls
  • Greatly increased BER & hopper size on personal & medium harvesters
  • Resource container names now show the specific resource name in the title
  • Bespin Port and Pyollian Cake have no filling
  • Normalized primary/secondary stats of melee and ranged powerups for more predictability in crafting


Player Economy

  • Bazaar and vendor listing times are set to 1 year
  • Increased bazaar max price and increased bazaar max listings to 100 items
  • Added item search filter for bazaar & vendors
  • Vendors now skim 5% of sale values (above 10cr) into their maintenance pools (to max of 100,000cr skim), to help avoid vendors running out of maintenance



  • Entertainer professions are no-grind and no skill point cost



  • Much improved Wilderness Survival XP and quantities from milking, searching lairs, foraging, medical foraging, and shellfish harvesting
  • Creature hide/bone/meat drops have been greatly improved on the low-dropping animals
  • Increased maximum creature harvesting distance
  • Increased number of uses on traps


Bio-Engineer & Creature Handler

  • Increased CH XP rates vs low level creatures
  • Pets grow from baby to full-grown in ten hours
  • DNA sampling takes 4 seconds instead of 9, and can be done as far away as 25 meters
  • Bio-Engineer DNA samples show the name of the creature it was harvested from in the title

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