We are a pre-CU server, geared towards a small group and solo experience.  Staff is very active in creating new content, and the community is mature and respectful.  Quality of life has been a huge focus - we want your time in game to be rewarding, without deviating too far from the Pre-CU "feel."  Roleplayers will feel welcome and at-home, with a staff that comes from a strong RP background.


 What sets us apart from other SWG servers?

  • Armor crafting has been normalized across armor types.  Wear what you want, you don't have to be a Composite Clone!
  • Many dungeon revamps, with NGE and custom item drops.
  • Bio-Engineer has gotten plenty of love!  The formula for damage and to-hit has been modified, and we've added a pet incubation system, modeled after the NGE system for Beast Master, but made to work together with the existing method of Pre-CU Bio-Engineer crafting.
  • 118 new bio-engineer creature schematics, including MANY new mounts.
  • Vehicles and creature mount speeds have been normalized - use whatever you like best!
  • Craftable faction armor, including NGE armors.
  • Craftable NGE weapons.
  • NGE housing, loot, deco, as well as custom deco options like walls, floors, and doors.  So much deco!  With 500 items of storage per lot, and 20 lots per character, you'll have plenty of room to keep it all!
  • No crafting grind.  You're more valuable to the player economy as a productive crafter, rather than a click-click bot.
  • Entertainer professions cost zero skill points.  Join a pick-up dance party or jam fest anytime, anywhere!

NPC City Living

A hallmark of Tarkin's Revenge since its foundation - Live and work in NPC cities!  Currently Coronet, Theed, and Mos Entha are open for settlement.  You can even buy existing city structures, such as cantinas and hotels!

Run for mayor, set up shop in the city center, and make your mark on the landscape.

You are one step closer to experiencing the greatest saga ever told... yours!

Reduced Buffs

Buffs are MUCH lower than you will find elsewhere.  Content is more challenging, and you'll need to pay attention to stat migration, armor encumbrance, and weapon special action costs.

Buffs are available from terminals located throughout the galaxy.

Player-crafted Janta buffs can get even higher than the terminals, but they are rare and sought-after.

Jedi are NOT Alpha

While you CAN become a Jedi here, you won't find it an alpha class.  In keeping with canon, the remaining Jedi and Force users of this time were forced deep into hiding.  The key to a successful Jedi playstyle on Tarkin's Revenge is, "keep it secret, keep it safe."

To that end, more player mission types are being added for Bounty Hunters.  Soon you'll find missions for players involved in illicit fight clubs as well as for smugglers!

Our Story

A bit of background on the long history of the server, beginning from its foundations in pre-Basilisk days.

With screenshots and video of days gone by.


For the tech nerds out there, check out our hardware specs.


We are grateful for any contributions to help with our ongoing hosting costs or hardware.  Recurring Donation or One-Time Donation